Documentary Design Studio

I am putting forward a Documentary Design Studio in the media undergraduate program today, which will involve working in an external collaboration, using Korsakow.

The studio will be forming a partnership with an art gallery, and we will be collaborating with an award winning photographer/videographer, and youth theatre group – on the repurposing of a theatrical art project into experimental interactive documentary forms.

The curator of the gallery is interested in this studio producing outcomes that can potentially be published on the Internet, and set up as screen installations in the gallery space. The actual outcomes will be determined through a design process that involves working with the collaborators.

All this will involve putting Korsakow through the mill (so to speak) make or break.

MIT Docubase playlist- Gaudenzi

I found this MIT Open Documentary Lab docubase playlist by Sandra Gaudnezi via iFlab. Useful collection of reviewed interactive works.

There other playlists on docubase worth checking out there by other interactive documentary producers.

An i-doc on i-docs

Screenshot 2015-08-25 11.14.59

I was introduced to the Come in Doc, Collaborative Meta Interactive Documentary project recently by Arnau Gifreu Castells in his presentation at Visible Evidence XII. We were presenting on the same panel (“Processes, Modes And Methodologies For The Analysis And Design Of Interactive Documentaries”) with Matt Soar one of the Korsakow developers.

The Come in Doc project supported by MIT OpenDocLab, aims to interview interactive documentary practitioners and theorists about interactive documentaries and present that material in a type of interactive documentary. I completed a video interview with Arnau after the panel, so more later as the edit comes through.